A Conceptual First

2008       Overall Winner of the Rider 
Bucknall / Property 
              Council of
Australia Award
2008       Winner of the Property Council 
 Australia Award for Mixed Use
2007       Winner of the Royal Australian
              Institute of Architects (RAIA) 
Award for Commercial 
The name “Riparian” is derived from Latin origins meaning “on or pertaining to the riverbank” and reflects Brisbane’s respect and affection for its river. With its 45 degree orientation to the waterfront, Riparian Plaza is perfectly designed to parallel the Brisbane River and to preserve and promote views from all working and living spaces.

Completed in November 2005, Riparian Plaza stands at an impressive 250 metres to the tip of its communications mast. Developed and owned by established private company, Bloomberg Incorporation Limited, Riparian Plaza did not set out to be the tallest building in Brisbane. Instead, the objective was to develop a significant building on an important parcel of riverfront land.

The outcome of that objective resulted in the first dramatic expression of changing use, in a high-rise building in Australia. Riparian Plaza has become an architectural landmark that has set the benchmark in architectural expression, construction engineering, environmental design and innovative “smart” technology.